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New: (2006-10-07) Posted my old camcode tools for the Jorway J73 CAMAC controller and some thoughts about my time in NYC; (2006-09-01) Posted Corsica and Paris travel journal
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About Me

I'm a graduate student at the Rockefeller University studying persistence of mycobacteria smegmatis and tuberculosis in the presence of antibiotics. My background is in theoretical physics, so this still seems rather weird.

In my spare time I study pa kua chang, play my violin, cook, and read an enormous amount of stuff at best peripherally connected to my work.


Book Reviews: Voltaire in Exile by Ian Davidson

Poetry: Four Visions [txt]; Shitting in the Woods [txt]; haiku [txt]

Travel Journals: Corsica and Paris, August 2006; On the Town: New York City, while I lived there

Recipes: the minestrone as I made it in 2003; spinach quiche; a meal without a kitchen I had to produce one time in Seattle; my sister's recipe for boca negra, aka "death by chocolate"; my sister's oatmeal raisin cookie recipe; my ciambella recipe;


Essays: Intrinsic & Extrinsic Noise in Gene Expression [html] [pdf]; The Unit Circle Deformed [pdf] [html]; The Lockless-Ranganathan Formalism [pdf] [html]

Why study physics: Cosmic Variance's Why Study Physics? (I contributed one of the items); some somewhat cynical thoughts on majoring in physics a friend and I wrote at the end of undergrad



This is a set of tools and documentation I wrote to test CAMAC modules with a Jorway J73 crate controller when I was an undergraduate. The libraries have probably moved on, but someone may find this useful: camcode.tgz

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